Coach Ben offers effective and motivating follow-up consultations that are uniquely customized both to the area of focus required and the individual making the request. No two consultations or coaching sessions are exactly alike.

Coach Ben highly recommends using Zoom for consultations. He prefers this method of communication, as Zoom has better connection than most cell phones and allows users to simultaneously maintain privacy. Special accommodations, however, can be made for those who are unable to use this application.

Consultations with Coach Ben do not include a summary and notes of what is discussed. Instead, Ben encourages clients themselves to take all essential notes during the meeting. This ensures that all points deemed important to each individual are effectively recorded and expressed in a way that is both clear and meaningful to them.

Not only is this permitted — it is also highly encouraged! I want you to understand everything we discuss during our consultation. So, if a translator helps in this regard, then that is what is best and most needed.

Free consultations are unable to be divided between more than one client at a time. This policy is in place for two main reasons: (1) almost every individual consultation ends up being at least 20-minutes in length; and (2) it can be both difficult and unfair to others to jump from one client to the next without any transitional break in-between.

Consultations are conducted on an online-basis only. This methold ensures that all discussions are more efficient, focused and private.

Ben’s approach to health and fitness is very unique. One reason for this is that his programs have all been designed in accordance with in-depth knowledge he acquired from completing a Master degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Master of Science degree in Health Systems. In completing these degrees, Ben learned essential information and practices related to mathematics, science and health – all of which are extremely complimentary to supporting clients in the areas of fitness, nutrition, dieting, and healthy eating. Equally important, Ben’s programs are heavily invested in research, evidence, data and, analytics. These factors help ensure three important things: the achievement of your health and fitness goals; your safety throughout every step along the way; and the best use of both your time and effort.

When you purchase any program, you will receive one follow-up email from Coach Ben. All other communication would be best handled by a Zoom consultation, which would be considered an additional paid service. Read more about consultations with Ben here.

All of Ben’s programs are uniquely tailored to individual knowledge, abilities and goals. Although no one can promise complete perfection when it comes to any service, you can be assured that with dedication and discipline whatever program you chose will help you obtain the changes and results you desire.

There are no maximum age limits to purchasing Ben’s programs. As long as the foundational capacity is present, all programs can be customized to accommodate any age.

Good news! There are no expiry dates associated with any of Bens’ programs. Once you receive a program, you can use and benefit from it forever! However, there may be times during your life when your circumstances, lifestyle and goals change. In such cases, it would be in your best interest to make some adjustments to the program you purchased. You can book a Zoom consultation with Ben at any point along your health and fitness journey to determine how best to adjust your program.

No one can ever know anything in life with absolute certainty. To some extent uncertainty and risk exists in everything. However, there are a few things that make it a reasonable decision to trust Ben as a health and fitness trainer. In addition to being qualified and experienced in these areas, as well as having many good reviews from many past clients, the success of Ben’s business depends entirely on him being an honest and reliable professional. If he did not have these qualities, he would not have achieved all that he has.

Ben does not offer any refunds. Having spent considerable time, effort and work designing and delivering his programs and services, he has great confidence in their ability to help you meet all your health and fitness goals. If, after reviewing the information on Ben’s website, you are still uncertain about purchasing a program, the best option then would be to book a Zoom consultation. This will help you better determine both what you’re looking for and the exact goals you’d like to achieve.

Ben does not offer any special promotions or discounts to certain groups of people. However, he does provide promotions and discounts during special holidays and events. So, please follow him on social media and visit his website frequently to see when these are advertised.

A Health Coach and a certified Nutritionist share some similarities in Canada. Both are considered professionals with advanced training in nutrition, diet and related physical matters. Due to this, they are both fully equipped to provide clients with information and training in the science and benefits of different foods and healthy eating options. However, these two professional designations also have some differences. A certified Nutritionist, for instance, has more advanced training in these areas than a Health Coach. This applies both to education and more specialized certifications. A second difference is that a Health Coach provides a much broader range of services. Whereas a certified Nutritionist focuses mainly on nutrition and diets, a Health Coach can help you address other related needs, such as exercise training and stress reduction. In the end, both professionals have a lot of knowledge and skills to help you reach your personalized health goals.

Ben’s services are not covered by health insurance because he is not a certified Nutritionist. In Canada, only services provided by a certified Nutritionist can be covered by health insurance. Unlike a Health Coach, a Nutritionist can provide more specialized health and eating support, such as medical-related counselling and hospital patient nutrition care. There is, however, an advantage of working with a Health Coach over a certified Nutritionist: a Health Coach can support you in many more areas to optimize greater overall wellness (i.e. eating, exercise, relaxation).