About Me


Coach BeenVee

Ben Vee, otherwise known as “Coach Ben,” is a professional health and fitness coach who is dedicated to helping people become healthier, fitter, stronger, and more confident versions of themselves. He has an exceptional post-secondary background in science, health, mathematics and physics, which has equipped him with the necessary knowledge and skill-set to develop high-quality, evidence-based diet and training programs. What he provides his clients with is all science-based and is situated toward the clients’ needs analysis.

Although Ben has successfully achieved many of his own health and fitness goals, these achievements did not come easy for him. When he was young, for instance, there were a lot of things that stood in his way. For one, he was extremely small and had little strength. He was also shy and had a very difficult time in social situations. Lastly, he struggled to take risks in life due to fears of both the possibility of failure and criticism from others. But, fortunately, Ben didn’t give up. Instead, he faced his challenges head-on and ended up experiencing a lot of success along the way.

Ben chose Canada as his home country to pursue new life goals and carers which came along with overcoming many milestones.  Some of the things he’s achieved since arriving in Canada include completing both a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, as well as a Master of Science degree in Health Systems. Equally important, Ben’s also developed significant expertise in health and fitness. In addition to getting in the best shape of his life, he is a successful professional health and fitness coach, having been certified both by globally accredited CanfitPro as a Personal Training Specialist (PTS) and Healthy Eating and Weight Loss Coach.

The above-mentioned success stories and achievements have shaped Ben an influential personal health and fitness leader. Not only Ben is equipped with the technical skills to equip his clients with, but he also cares about his clients’ passion, motivates them constantly and assists them with their life-long goals. Whether you’re looking to start your health and fitness journey, or are striving to reach a higher level in these areas, Ben can provide you with the knowledge, inspiration, and motivation you need to make your goals become a reality.